What's the Elim-O Secret?

You have a problem. We have a solution.

PROBLEM: A Foul Odor

Sometimes, life really does stink.

Foul odors can be found in many places. Spoiled food, soiled laundry, musty carpets, and foul trash can stink up our homes. Pets and pesky animals smell. Professions can be odiferous, too. Nursing homes, veterinarians, funeral homes, and used car dealers battle foul odors every day. These bad odors, also called malodors, are chemical compounds, and are products of cell structure degradation.

For the sake of noses everywhere, foul odors in our lives need to be addressed and remedied.

Idea #1: Clean it

If something smells, you just need to clean it, right?

It is a common belief that eliminating the source of the smell, when possible, will eliminate the smell. However, this will not always work.

Odor molecules will seep into the pores, cracks, and molecular structures of surfaces and fabrics. Often odor molecules will get trapped in places where they cannot be wiped away, and unpleasant odors will persist in the air.

In addition to cleaning, you need an Odor Control Strategy!

Idea #2: Cover it up

Odor Control? You mean, an air freshener?

Air fresheners are designed to overpower your olfactory system (the sensory system used for smelling) with a good smell.

The theory is, if you add a lot of good smell, the bad smell will simply not be noticed. In reality, the good smell from an air freshener often ends up competing with the bad smell you hoped to eliminate. Yecch. Or, the air freshener is too strong, and your olfactory system is overwhelmed.

This is not quite the sweet smell of success you were going for!

SOLUTION: Counteract it with Elim-O!

Elim-O is a patented formula that works by odor-pairing on a molecular level to change a foul odor molecule into a non-offensive one.

Think of it this way: A nose can smell the offensive odor, but it can’t smell the non-offensive one. That means that you’re not just covering up the smell, you’re eliminating it!

Here are some of the foul odors Elim-O eliminates every day:

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Must / Mold
  • Soiled Laundry
  • Vomit
  • Organic Matter
  • Garbage
  • Animal / Pet Smells
  • Skunk Smells
  • Burns / Wounds
  • Decaying Matter
  • Urinary / Fecal Incontinence
  • Necrotic Tissue
  • Food Waste
  • Food Smells

Elim-O is formulated with real essential oils and leaves a pleasant scent wherever it is used.

Elim-O is sold as a concentrated liquid and is most often used in a diluted form. It can be mixed with water or cleaning solutions for household, commercial, and industrial use. For serious odor problems, it can be sprayed directly on pets, furniture, auto seats, and other places where odors have settled. Elim-O has also been used in natural disaster clean-up operations, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

SOLUTION #2: Elim-O Enzyme

Elim-O Enzyme-Fresh and Elim-O Enzyme-Blue include protein-busting enzymes in the formula. These enzymes will eat the proteins that create foul odors. In addition to odor control, Elim-O Enzyme is also a powerful stain remover!

Elim-O Enzyme was created for situations where protein buildup / stains may be an issue:

  • Floor Drains
  • Grease Traps
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Spoiled Food
  • Trash Cans / Dumpsters
  • Decaying Matter
  • Human Waste

When you use a disinfectant to clean these problematic areas, the germs will die, but the cells containing them will remain. These cells, usually made up of proteins and fats, will then break down and create an intense odor. Enzymes will eat those dead cells, effectively eliminating the odor problem. Over time and with repeated use, enzymes will actually work their way into the surfaces they are used on.

Elim-O Enzyme should be used alternately with a disinfectant, but never at the same time. Leave at least a day between use of the two products to allow the enzymes to work their way into the surface. Enzymes must have good bacteria to be effective, and a disinfectant will kill the good bacteria.

Finally, an Odor Control Strategy that works!